Modern Fundraising

Fundraising made simple, online or traditional selling

Michigan Fundraisers | | Schools, Groups, Non-Profits

Flexibility makes fundraising easier

We offer traditional paper order fundraising and online virtual fundraising. Do one or do both!

No Upfront Costs

it costs nothing to start fundraising with us

  • Paper Sales Sheets

    Your group will sell using paper order forms. The fundraiser organizer will collect all orders and money then upload orders to an online order sheet.

  • Virtual Fundraising |

    Online Sales

    Sellers can share a sales link that is specific for the group. Buyers will make purchases from the link and pay online. The orders will be delivered by the fundraiser organizer.

  • Fresh

    Small batch producers featuring your favorite Michigan brands.

  • Local

    Support the Michigan economy by supporting small Michigan businesses.

  • Quality

    Products are carefully curated because fundraisers can be high quality too.

Earn up to a 50% Commision

Popcorn sales earn a 50% commision. Commisions vary selling other featured items.

"By Far The Easiest and Best"

By far the easiest and best outcomes we’ve ever had. It was quick and easy. It was two weeks long. The popcorn sells itself. We made 3-4 times what we ever made on any other fundraiser in the past.


  • A Local Company that Supports Community Organizations"

    Cravings Popcorn was super easy to work with. Paige was a huge help on getting started with our Grad Bash fundraiser and always available with answers to our questions. Finding a local company that supports community organizations was exactly what we needed. 


  • "It's Easy Money"

    The Relay For Life of Eaton County just did a Cravings fundraiser and raised over $1,000! It's easy money, this stuff practically sells itself! Thank you Cravings for your support of such a great cause.


Our Fundraising Process

The Process, Step By Step

1st Collect Orders

Use paper order forms or share your fundraising link to sell online

2nd Place Your Order

For orders taken ovia paper order forms, complete the Google spreadsheet provided.

Online orders will already be recorded. You'll be able to login to your dashboard to see them.

We will summarize orders from both sources and create a total order invoice.

3rd Order Delivery

Depending on our mutual agreement, your fundraiser orders will be delivered or be ready for pickup at our store within 21 days after your final payment.

You will use your order forms and packing slips to distribute popcorn to your supporters.

Let's talk about your fundraiser

We have answers to all of your questions. Call to speak to the fundraising coordinator or send us an email below. We will guide you through the process. 

Call us today (517) 940-4164. We are generally available Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm.